BGMI Unban Date in India 2022 | When will BGMI unban in India ?

BGMI unban


BGMI Unban Date in India 2022.

In today’s article we will take you through why Government of India banned BGMI(bgmi unban official website), Rumors about BGMI and Highlights.



Why BGMI is banned in INDIA ?

The government of India banned BGMI because Krafton (Publisher of BGMI) is sharing data of india and people of india who plays BGMI to CHINA. BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) was banned on 28 July 2022 due to the violation of the 69A of the IT Act. But it was not an official banned, just removed from the Google Play store & Apple App store. The Servers of BGMI is still working without using any VPN. It can unbanned only If Krafton follows all rules of Indian IT act.

Before Battlegrounds Mobile India government of India banned PUBG Mobile on September 20, 2020 for same reasons. and after that publisher of PUBG Mobile Tencent terminated all its services in India on October 30, 2020. After 1 year PUBG relaunched as BGMI (Indian PUBG).


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BGMI Unban Date 2022 in India

Most People of India believed that the BGMI is unban by the end of September 2022 because of the rumors spreading on internet but it was a fake news. Krafton told Gamers not to lose hope and wait for BGMI unban because Krafton is trying whatever it takes to get back game again.


BGMI unban Date Rumor

Mr. Hrishav Bhattacharjee creator of War Mania who said in his one of interview that game will be coming back by the end of December 2022 with some changes in the game. He also said that it could be come with new Indian Publisher. After the statement of him rumors take place in social medias. But it’s still rumor and not an official statement so wait until the unban of BGMI.


BGMI Unban Date News / BGMI Unban Notice

Regarding the the ban of BGMI , Government of India has not announced and statement. But whenever game will be back it will be come with the precautions and safety of player and his/her data. Players are eagerly waiting for the game to unban.


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BGMI Unban Date Highlights

  • Krafton has said that they are working with the government for bringing back the game but it looks like that they are facing problems.
  • rumors are being spread that the game is re-launching in December.
  • It is highly recommended that players should not by UC from unofficial stores because you will be scammed.
  • Wait until the game being unbanned and not to trust any unofficial rumor.


BGMI unban Date FAQ’s

1.    : Will BGMI be unban?

Ans  : However, ever since BGMI was banned from India, the developer of this game, Crafton, is trying hard to bring this game to the open ground.

2.     : What was the ban date of BGMI?

Ans  : BGMI was banned on 28 July, 2022.

3.     : When is the BGMI Unban Date in India?

Ans  : Date is not fixed but rumors are saying it will be unbanned by the end of December 2022.


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