kb whatsapp download

kb whatsapp download

KB WhatsApp Download APK (Official) Latest Version 2023

Many users of WhatsApp prefer mods over original, as they provide users with additional features which the original WhatsApp doesn’t offer. There are various kinds of mods, each offering useful advanced features; an example would be KB WhatsApp Download.

To gain more insight into this WhatsApp mod and its best features, read this full article. It will allow you to download and install KBWhatsApp modified version onto your android device.

KB WhatsApp Download

KB WhatsApp is a recently developed modified version of WhatsApp which offers many extra features to enhance messaging experience. As one of four versions of WhatsApp Plus available on the market, there are four copies of KB WhatsApp available with unique colors for app icon and overall functionality – Black, Blue, Red and Gold versions are currently available for sale on the market.

With this WhatsApp mod, you can make your online status invisible and remove blue ticks from the conversation screen. Furthermore, background features enable you to listen to voice notes. Moreover, voice recordings and recordings of voice messages can also be listened to with background features. Lastly, watch other users’ statuses without alerting them directly on WhatsApp.

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Download KB WhatsApp APK File

kb whatsapp download


App Name KB WhatsApp (Blue, Black, Red, & Gold)
License Freeware
Android Requirement 5.0 or above
Version v25.00
File size 59 MB
Last updated 1 day ago

KB WhatsApp Features

Privacy Control: By installing KB WhatsApp, you’ll gain greater control of your privacy. For instance, this means being able to watch media multiple times without interruption from being deleted and viewing WhatsApp statuses without others knowing about them.

Customizable Home Screen: With this popular version of KB WhatsApp, the home screen can be customized as desired including its top bar, textures, floating buttons, and status interface. Enjoy accessing unrivaled features!

WhatsApp Lock: With WhatsApp Lock, you can protect it with either fingerprint recognition, pattern recognition, secret code encryption or passcode security – plus add an additional safety question as an extra layer of protection.

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Switch Accounts: What makes this KB WhatsApp mod special is its ability to enable switching accounts – with up to five different numbers that correspond with accounts available for switching between them.

Change Emoji: As well as changing the type and font type, there are five different emoji available that allow users to personalize their messages – iPhone emoji is especially popular among them.

Save One-Time View in KB WhatsApp: Now it is possible to view photos and videos sent together without alerting their senders that you have seen them; click the eye icon above the photo if you would like them to know.

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Additional Features in KB WhatsApp

  • Modify your WhatsApp theme using the Theme Store.
  • Change the size and colors on the screen of your chat by altering the bubbles that appear in the upper bar and in the lower right.
  • You can control your notification size and color and the location of notifications.
  • Include automatic responses to messages, and set up messages.
  • Send 10 or more photos simultaneously.
  • The duration of the job by one hour.


How to Download and Install KB WhatsApp?

If you are not familiar with the procedure for downloading games from KBWhatsApp If you don’t know how to download KB WhatsApp, then you must read through the steps as the process download of games downloaded from Google Play Store and third-party websites is different.

  • Then, open your browser and search for KBWhatsApp in the most current version.
  • You must wait for the download to finish.
  • Then, go to your phone’s settings and then tap Security settings.
  • You must activate “Unknown Resources” to install the APK file.
  • Navigate in the folder Downloads within the file manager, and then click on the KBWhatsApp Downloads.
  • Open WhatsApp after the installation is completed.
  • The system will ask you for a code to either create an account new or utilize the existing one.
  • The code will then be sent to the number you have provided.
  • Input this code and begin using the most recent version KB WhatsApp.

Note : Before installing WhatsApp Plus versions such as KBWhatsApp Gold, Red, Blue and Black on your android device, please make sure to first delete official WhatsApp.


  1. How can I download KBWhatsApp APK?
  • Open your device’s browser and search for KBWhatsApp. Once found, only secure websites offer downloads of this mod with its latest version available for downloading.

    2. How Can I Update KBWhatsApp? Always ensure you use the most up-to-date version of KB WhatsApp.

  • Once you upgrade to the latest version, uninstall any older versions in order to access all its features.


Whatsapp Official is distinguished from other platforms by its many unique features. With attractive, useful, and colorful options that enhance its effectiveness for use, KBWhatsApp can easily be downloaded free.

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